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Integrated design and manufacture of boilers, hot water, Oil heater and tanks Undoubtedly, in today's world, utility industry is one of the foundations of technical progress in each country, So that development and equipping power plants, refineries, factories, are not allowed without the utilities industry .Moreover, with the development of this industry. Attention to technical engineering services that can be the answer to needs, it is one of the basic principles and effective. In providing these services must be used global standards and technology, In addition, attention should be given to the customer satisfaction and after sales service. Kavehkaran company, In addition to production of various industrial boilers and related equipments, Using new technical and engineering services and utilization of specialized personnel, active in the fields of power ... Now 20 years have passed since the founding of K. Karan Company While the policymakers company always thinks towards quality improvement products. Production unit, using experts and experienced engineers and specialized manpower and using industries designs reputable international company, is able to perform all orders. So that these units creating a system of quality control at the factory inspect each stage of construction in accordance with the standards and guidelines and complete the relevant lists and in case of adaptation with the standards and drawings manufacturing will take the next step. K. Karan uses standard BS2790 in manufacturing boilers and hot water. Manufacturing drawing of Kavhkaran company boiler have been confirmed by accredited institutions (companies approved Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Ira) and TUV Austria) and all boilers of manufacturing this company will be inspected by a reputable references and have received a standard plaque....

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